JAKARTA — Local government of Lampung Tengah Regency will seek to collect the shortage of land tax payment in PT. Great Giant Pineapple (GGP). It was recorded from 2012 to quarter II in 2019, a groundwater tax arrears PT. GGP reaches Rp32,1 billion more.

The Regent of Lampung Tengah, Loekman Djoyosoemarto to said, will take steps towards the magnitude of land tax arrears in the world’s 3rd largest pineapple company.

“We have the data. In fact I already form a team PPNS (civil servants investigator) to see directly how the data in the field. From these findings, we (the central Lampung government) will take a stance. Of course with caution. Don’t get the wrong step in taking the policy, “Loekman said.

The regional real revenue Potential (PAD) in the groundwater tax sector according to Loekman, should be maximised. From the data obtained, Lampung Tengah should be able to get RP62 billion more annually from the land water tax sector.

“Imagine, the potential we should be RP62 billion. However we earn this year only RP3 billion. From the groundwater tax sector alone, how much potential our PAD is missing, “he said.

While the head of regional tax and Levy management Agency (BPPRD) district Lampung Tengah, Madani, recorded the realization of tax revenues in the groundwater sector until November 2019 reached Rp2, 5 billion from the target of Rp 3 billion this year.

Although there is a shortage of Rp500 million from existing targets, it claims to be optimistic about reaching the target.

“Hopefully, I’m optimistic the RP3 billion target can be achieved until the end of 2019 this year,” Madani said. Unfortunately, until now there is no PT. GGP is willing to comment on the existence of a shortage of groundwater tax in the company. (sumber:rakyatlampung/id)


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