JAKARTA — PT. Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) allegedly delinquent land water tax of billions of rupiah. The arrears from 2012 to the second quarter of 2019 are not paid to the regional distribution of central Lampung regency.

The Data obtained, the local government of Lampung Tengah Regency had previously presented a letter of reprimand to PT. GGP. The letter was filed on 24 October 2019 with 973/1744/X/2019 letters and 1743/D. A. VI. 06/X/2019 signed directly to the Bupati of central Lampung, Loekman Djoyosoemarto.

In the letter, explained, PT GGP has the obligation to adhere to all applicable provisions surrounding groundwater problem in the jurisdiction of central Lampung regency.

This is guided by Perda regency of Central Lampung number 16 year 2012 about groundwater management.

From the results of the examination, PT GGP which engaged in the field of pineapple Factory, tapioca, Power Plant, Livestock, Mess and plantation, has a shortage of land water tax payment from 2012 until the second quarter 2019 and a fine of Rp32,1 billion more.

Head of the regional tax management and Levy (BPPRD) of Central Lampung District, Madani admitted that the difficulties to supervise the land owned by PT. GGP.

“Land in the company (PT GGP) is great. If we check one by one is also difficult. It means the need for the awareness and honesty of the taxpayers themselves.

But we have given the letter, when there is a water well that has not been paid, the company is obliged to pay off its shortcomings, “said Madani, to, in the building DEKRANASDA Lampung Tengah, Tuesday (17/12/12).

Year 2019, continued Madani, PT GGP has paid a groundwater tax of Rp 1 billion. While the total regional original revenue from the land water tax sector in Lampung Tengah until November 2019 reached Rp2, 5 billion from this year’s target of RP3 billion.

“There is a Total of 600 ground water wells that exist throughout the central Lampung region. It consists of companies and other businesses, “he added.

Unfortunately, until the news is lowered, there is no PT. GGP is willing to be asked for a response to the alleged groundwater tax debt.


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